New Democratic Primary For Mayor Slated January 23

Following several days of back and forth, a Democratic primary redo between Mayor Joe Ganim and John Gomes will take place January 23 after lawyers and campaign camps agreed to the date. The calendar was also signed off by the Office of the Connecticut Secretary of the State to provide more time for the city to train poll workers.

The Gomes camp had initially lobbied for a condensed timeline in December to limit the window for absentee ballot votes that became the key issue in Superior Court Judge William Clark ordering a new primary.

Under the terms of the agreement, if another general election is required by virtue of Gomes winning the primary it will take place Feb. 27.

Bill Bloss, the attorney representing Gomes, has stated if Ganim wins the second primary he cements another term by winning last week’s general election. If Gomes wins the primary he becomes the Democratic standard bearer and another general election will be conducted because Ganim had successfully petitioned onto the Bridgeport New Movement Party ballot line.

The secretary of the state is still researching the issue.

The extended timeline also allows Ganim and Gomes more time to reload their respective campaign treasuries.

The Connecticut Mirror’s Dave Altimari reports additional proposed details before the court:

The order also states that municipal officials must make absentee ballot applications available at 9 a.m. on Dec. 29 and have absentee ballots available to be mailed by Jan. 2.

  • Municipal election officials must put serial numbers on absentee ballot applications if the applications are provided to an individual who has requested five or more absentee ballots for this primary.

  • The town clerk will be required to stamp each absentee ballot received through a drop box with a stamp reading “drop box” in addition to stamping it with their printed name and date and time received, as done in every other election.

  • New voters who wish to register for the Democratic primary must register before noon on Jan. 19.

Candidates will be able to solicit donations of up to $1,000 from individuals for the primary.

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  1. On November 13, at the close of my comment to OIB I posed a question, a serious one to which I find no one ready to answer. On December 4, when the City Council will convene once again with members elected without court action, on November 7, 2023, will the Council caucus to vote for their own Council President? Assuming they return Council person Aidee Nieves as President, will she be ACTING Mayor of Bridgeport until the completion of the new primary and potential new general election? Does anyone have an opinion? Does it operate as our Board and Commission expiry language does-“continuing service beyond elected term, until formally replaced, by Court ordered electoral process? Time will tell.


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