Moore Seeks A Fattening Campaign Account At Mardi Gras Fundraiser

First a Valentine’s Day dance party, now a Mardi Gras soiree planned for Monday night Downtown at Miss Thelma’s on the eve of Fat Tuesday.

Themes have emerged for State Senator Marilyn Moore’s second run for the mayoralty.

Nothing like pols gorging prior to the Lenten sacrifice and fasting. One thing candidates for public office will not sacrifice is fundraising. They’ve been granted special dispensation. After all, Satanic temptation is enduring.

Lent ends April 8, right around the time campaign finance reports will be filed reflecting the first quarter money battle and fundraising strength of candidates.

Mayor Joe Ganim and the other two mayoral contenders John Gomes and Lamond Daniels are also dialing for dollars: Ganim, a formidable fundraiser, Gomes surprising with an early $100K haul and newcomer Daniels, a former Finch administration official, compiling a respectable $26,000 during an exploratory phase limiting maximum contributions to $375. The max personal contribution to a candidate committee is $1,000.

The first quarter report for Moore is key because the early money is the easy money to raise out of the box, the low-hanging dollars to grab from friends, relatives, political allies and anti interests.

After that it can be like chipping stone for a spark depending on the amount of loot raised to show strength encouraging others to kick in.

So here’s to Fat Tuesday and phat campaign bank accounts for all the candidates.


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