Moales, Pinched For Stiffing The Chairman’s Restaurant, Claims It’s Political

Another day, another Moales story. This one for allegedly fleecing Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa’s restaurant.

See Moales response here.

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

The pastor of a city church was a no-show in court Thursday following his arrest for allegedly passing a bad check at Testo’s Restaurant.

The Rev. Kenneth Moales Jr., who currently is embroiled in a $15 million federal foreclosure case for his Union Avenue church and four other properties in the city, was charged last week in an arrest warrant with issuing a bad check over $2,000, a felony.

He was released on a promise to appear in court.

But when Superior Court Judge Peter McShane called Moales’ name Thursday afternoon he was met only with silence.

The judge ordered a bail commissioner’s letter be issued, warning Moales to appear in court on Nov. 15 or face rearrest.

Full story here.



  1. Stiffs his bank, stiffs his landlord — in Easton, of course — stiffs Mario, and is a no-show in court. Sounds like an excellent candidate for mayor!

  2. Why hasn’t Mario Testa come out and tell the truth about Pastor Kenneth Morales so call $2800 bad check when Morales wrote Testo’s Restaurant a $3000 bank check on September 23rd? This an example to black pastors on what can happen to you, Moales did Mario’s dirty work when he was the Bridgeport Board Of Education chairman but now Moales is dealing with some banking issues and Mario makes things worse by filing charges against Moales but then Mario Testa doesn’t tell the public that Moales did pay his bill to Testo’s Restaurant.

  3. What’s the full story ongoing, Lennie?
    Rev. Moales’ history with BOE has been eclipsed in recent years by real estate transactions that have proved less sustainable in actuality than originally thought. It is these later real estate actions of mortgages in default, and legal actions to defend that have made the news including a residence in Easton and multiple Bridgeport properties. The debt seems to be owed to a financial institution that has little presence in the area but prospects among certain communities of inner city churches. Nothing wrong with proving out the motto: “The real value of money is its availability in a time of need.” So wiser heads on looking to see if the financing is fair minded and practical or predatory in nature.
    But that still does not reference the action of DTC leader Testa who has allowed the bad check story to make the news without possibly the news that the full amount was settled, however, and whenever, subsequently? More than one person reported that the most recent DTC gathering last week had empty tables, an unusual feature for such meetings. Is the news about a bad check, an example of “having the back” of an associate or an example of falling out ultimate payback when vulnerable? Any chance that political party enthusiasm has waned during COVID 19 and it’s now about who is still in charge and how to maintain power ultimately? Is it really about money? Time will tell.


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