Meet David Herz, Republican Candidate For Mayor: ‘I Stand For The Truth’

No one knows for sure if a primary do-over is at hand, but we do know a general election will take place. David Herz, a Bridgeport attorney, is the Republican candidate for mayor:

He shares thoughts about his candidacy and why he’s running. It’s certainly an intriguing read.

Sometimes a person is called to something, he knows not why. He knows the odds are against him, but he must enter the arena, as President Roosevelt suggested:

that the life of material gain, whether for a nation or an individual, is of value only as a foundation, only as there is added to it the uplift that comes from devotion to loftier ideals.

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

Citizenship in a Republic (also known as The Man in the Arena

I suppose with heroes like Roosevelt, Lincoln (with whom I share my Jewish calendar birthday), Begin, I have a soft spot for the long shot.

The Truth

I run because I stand for the truth, something that seems a relative concept to a Democrat.

Between killing God and destroying our society (the other Roosevelt’s New Deal and Johnson’s Great Society), our children, especially those in the cities have only seen their outcomes get worse.

As Mayor I can not counter every bad program foisted upon us by the Stete and Federal governments, but I can turn our eyes back toward God and family as the basis of our communities and Society.

We need to stop looking to government as the answer to people’s problems. I am less about creating affordable housing than I am about bringing the good paying jobs that will allow people to afford the housing we have, and so much more.

My mission is to make sure that every child has a father. The best way to help a parent make sure she has enough to raise a child is to make sure she is not alone.

Our children are confused enough as they are. I run to stand up against bad ideas:

  • Boy can not equal Girl, ever. Man is not the same as Woman. This gender as something other than sex nonsense has to go. Bassick high has on its Summer Reading list for the ninth grade Seeing Gender. If it is promoted there, I wonder in how many other places this garbage is peddled.
  • We are not systemically racist or oppressive. I don’t deny that we may have been in the past. I don’t deny that there may still be effects of our prior institutional racism. The remedy was to erase those racist barriers. It is certainly not to teach victimhood today, or to institute other racist measures in the name of “equity.”To quote Derrick Wilburn, a direct descendant of slaves on both sides of his family the only thing we are victims of are:
    1. our own ignorance
    2. our own laziness
    3. our own poor decision making
  • Equity is not the equivalent of equality under the law. To impose racist results or quotas is to be racist. What is bad in one direction is bad in the other.
  • School Choice provides for better education. Colleges of Education are for the most part the source of most of our bad ideas about education.
  • Two parent homes provide better outcomes.
  • Fighting crime requires a strong police force.
  • Fimily is the basis of our Society.
  • Our results in the west are the result of our Judaeo-Christian ethic. That must be fostered.
  • We are the answer: every “crisis” that has been invented, man has been ingenious enough to adapt to.

The truth is that the results in Bridgeport—the high poverty, the unnecessary crime, the break-down of the family, the lack of good jobs, the poor educational results, the rise in anxiety and mental disease—are blue-city results.

It’s time for a Republican mayor to address this.

We need to teach our children they are the answer, not that they are the problem.

We need to give them programming and opportunity. We need to give them family. Everyone needs family.

About Me

All the above tells you very little about me.

I am a lawyer. My home and office are at 1836 Noble Ave.

I came back to the law–I came to Bridgeport–after 16 years in Israel. My business is taking care of people. I am active with the Bridgeport Regional Business Council, the Bridgeport and Connecticut Bar Associations, and the CCDL. I grew up in Stamford, where my mom still lives. I own property there as well.

I have a wife and four sons. Sharleen and three of my sons live in Israel. We make it work.

I have been a lawyer since 1994.

In addition to lawyering (trusts, estates, real estate, business, and some litigation), I have worked on boats, on farms, in hotels, doing construction, teaching, running a kindergarten, and in retail.

I ran four marathons the year I turned 42 and am the captain of my virtual rowing team: Age Without Limits over at I broke my foot last year, am on my way back into shape, and expect to be getting on my windsurfer soon to complete my therapy.

I coach on the side. I just hit five million views of my 7900 answers, mostly on relationships, on Quora. A listing of my various pages can be found at



  1. Jim, Ban them, expand them. 🙂

    How does and political organization with its holier-than-thou moral superiority mindset, which champions for the “people/Port residents” put out a hit piece video on Mario/Port’s and AB’s abuse and then has an AB mail drive to send out 20,000 of them to unsolicited votes and think they part of the problem.

    Perhaps they know they are part of Trump’s Big Lie or at the very least playing the same Port AB game and just trying to sell their racist and Holier-than-thou superiority shit to the Port commoners. What says you Port commoner, Ds, and Rs. is a 20,000 AB distribution to unsolicited able-body voters part of Trump’s big lie and Port’s Abusive AB game or should I just apologize to them and keep my mouth shut and voice silence?

    1. Great point RT. There are two PACs with (Gen) on their names… John Ricci formed a PAC and Maria Pires another one these two PACs kicked back the money they raised to the Gomes for Mayor Committee and then stopped down from their role in the PACs only to join John Gomes campaign. Pires has now turned into another Portuguese version of Maria Pereira. Johns Campaign even had a press conference or press release stating that John Ricci wasn’t going to return as Public Works Director if Gomes gets elected. John Ricci wants the biggest prize and power base known as Chairman of the Democratic Town Committee. You have no reason to apologize, go pick up your weapons and take them all down. Im “cutting” my stay one month short, I love El Salvador. But, my City is in peril. Hey, Robert Teixeira, Get those hand grenades ready. It looks like John M. Gomes has resorted to using land mines, I’ll watch my steps.

  2. David,
    I am happy to see that you have connected with ONLY IN BRIDGEPORT since I introduced your candidacy to this “politically interested” group of readers. I believe in having two working political parties as our governance was constructed to deal with such an apparatus, but in some areas, it has been ‘reformed’, modified, or voted upon to deal with issues that cause a negative view or potentil scandal.
    No reference to the Republican Town Committee yet from anywhere. It is a shame and can conclude that they are not promoting your candidacy with enthusiasm..
    You endorse THE TRUTH and provide an urban city, Bridgeport, with testimony by a black man, Derrick Wilburn, to Colorado Springs board of education members making a personal statement against the community conversations dealing with CRT, Black Lives Matter, etc. Why rely on this hand picked communication in front of a particularly white audience indicating their agreement that claims of historic victimization, laziness, and/or ignorance of issues may be used to ‘color’ a much wider audience.
    I am happy to know that President Theodore Roosevelt made statments worthy of being judged true and trustworthy.
    Why not enjoy the people of Bridgeport where white folks are a minority, and such diversity is celebrated by most? Use your legal training and perhaps some financial independence to support actual injustice in the City? I believe that you have read the City Charter at least once. Did you read all of a Mayor’s duties and understand how failure to appoint folks to Boards and Commissions diminishes democratic practices and cause the death of two housing focused groups for the past 15 years? Truth!! Yes, and it undercuts trust that moves people to participate in regular voting.
    And you likely would find it at least revealing and interesting were you to look for and find the annual report by the Mayor based on departmental reports solicited by mid-August from his own departmental administration and one month later delivered to the City Council. But records of that duty are not found in archives from past years, or this year either although the City Council has already met twice this month for its regularly scheduled sessions with the Mayor presiding over the City Council. Power to do the things you wish to do, and ignore others that show care for all the people, and attention to detail? Time will tell.


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