‘Makes Me Feel Like I’m A Pioneer’–Bridgeport Native Recalls Flight With Legendary Amelia Earhart

From Eddy Martinez, CT Post:

Anne Fiyalka, 101, said flying with Amelia Earhart on Nov. 5, 1936 was an experience she will never forget.

She remembers Earhart spoke to her class at Warren Harding High School in Bridgeport after the flight.

“She said this: “It’s not only a man’s world, it’s a woman’s world as well,” Fiyalka said.

Many things in her life have changed since Earhart, a groundbreaking aviator flew a then 15-year-old Fiyalka on that day.

But one thing stayed the same–Fiyalka’s fascination with taking to the skies.

She recreated her 1936 flight on Friday at Sikorsky Memorial Airport, with the plane circling around the coast by Stratford. She went up to the sky remembering the words Earhart told her after the flight, saying she continues to be inspired by her example to women.

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  1. This is a pleasant story of a local centenarian’s connection to an American hero.
    So, what does the CT Post writer do?
    She uses a charming story to insert her (is this her pronoun?) view on a Supreme Court ruling that she disagrees with.
    This is not journalism.
    The CT Post writer should apologize to Anne Fiyalka.


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