Jepsen Applauds Court Of Appeals Rebuke Of Trump Travel Ban

Statement from Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen:

Attorney General George Jepsen today issued the following statement on the ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit that upholds the District Court’s temporary restraining order that has halted President Donald Trump’s executive order barring individuals from seven majority-Muslim countries from entering the United States:

“I applaud the Court of Appeals for upholding the order preventing enforcement of President Trump’s ill-conceived and unconstitutional travel ban. The ban, and the President’s inappropriate and unfortunate attacks on the judges reviewing it, violate our most cherished American values. I will continue to participate in legal challenges to the ban in this case and in others.”



  1. Jepsen’s all over this Trump banning decision but failed back in the past to investigate his buddy Finch’s political money laundering accounts where Finch’s wife was an account holder and someone’s mother was the president of the Political LLC without their knowledge. Along with some other questionable actions and possible political misleadings, etc. Good buddies from back in the day as CT state reps. *** Check the news archives from back in the days of Finch’s first Mayoral win! ***

    1. Mojo, George Jepsen needed the votes out of Bridgeport in order to win the Attorney General position in his reelection, his career in politics was more important than justice.

  2. This seven mid-east countries’ security checks that have been around since Bush Jr. and Obama but maybe not actively used should have been explained better to the public and also studied first by trial and error at just a few major airports before full implementation throughout the USA. The time of Ellis Island has come and gone, it’s a different world today! Just watch some of the foreign news stations or ask those who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan or first response people, law, firefighters, EMS, etc. Until it happens to you, family or friends or in your town or State, terrorist activity is real and America needs to be much more proactive in its preparation against it! Being far too liberal in our security measures will come back to haunt us in time. I’m not a Trump supporter but he’s right about improving America’s homeland security. But like anything that’s worth doing, it needs to be done right!

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