How Does This Sound? ‘Edwin Gomes City Council Chambers’–Former Senator Saluted By Family And Friends At Services

Ed Gomes

City Councilors Evette Brantley and Maria Pereira, with an assist from former State Rep. Chris Caruso, are proposing that the City Council Chambers be named in honor of former State Senator Ed Gomes who died Dec. 23 from injuries sustained in an auto accident.

Action on the resolution could happen at the January 4, 2021 City Council meeting that also includes an annual day in Gomes’ memory, Nov. 15.

Gomes represented Connecticut’s 23rd Senate District that covers about two thirds of Bridgeport and a slice of western Stratford.

Services for Gomes took place on Wednesday. See story here from Michael Mayko, CT Post.

Resolution follows:



  1. At a time when it seems to many that there is little worthy of respect active in the civic square we are met with a call to honor the actions and memory of a fighter for his public years in Bridgeport for justice for all and created a record of integrity in his public choices and causes and a record of good spirit and concern for all in his support and sharing of smiles. A life worthy of learning and emulation. Time will tell.

  2. Congratulation to City Councilors Evette Brantley and Maria Pereira, with an assist from former State Rep. Chris Caruso for this proposal and hopefully with the death of Senator Ed Gomes and this proposal that there will be a new light of working together for the good of Bridgeport. Of all of the pictures of Ed on OIB to me the interesting and telling picture is the one of Chris Caruso and Ed Gomes sitting together working together and smiling, it’s telling because those who remember when Chris and Ed were on the council together and fights that had with each other but they knew how to come together for what was best for voters and for thier self’. I’m fortunate to say that they were both my friend.

  3. I also congratulate City Council members, Evette Brantly, Maria Pereira and Chris Caruso. I hope that this honor to Ed Gomes is supported by all. Thank you, Evette, Maria and Chris!

  4. This is a very nice tribute to a great man.
    But I am sure that he would tell you if you really wanted to honor him then you should finish the work that he did not have the opportunity to finish.
    Start with a Living Wage Ordinance. Just pull out the one Ed and I submitted a while ago. It would be a much more fitting tribute.


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