Gomes Fabricates Mayoral Endorsement From Governor Lamont – Dem Party State Leader Pushes Back

When a mayoral campaign is broke perhaps nothing else to do but falsify endorsements.

Even by John Gomes’ fishy statements, this one’s a real stinker teeth to tail.

Last week Bridgeport Independent Party candidate Gomes set the tone for this ruse by pigeon-holing a photo op with Governor Ned Lamont on day one of the legislative session – one in a long line of people to do so – to create the illusion of a relationship with the governor, followed by a post on social media. A Gomes chief adviser Kelvin Ayala in conjunction with the candidate has translated that as support from Governor Ned Lamont and state party leadership.

(In the OIB comments section Ayala walked it back claiming his Facebook post was satire. Satire and fabrication go hand-in-hand.)

Gomes protested after the governor was among a chorus of people suggesting Gomes drop out of the general election after Mayor Joe Ganim defeated him by double digits in a Democratic primary redo. One week you complain the next you concoct an endorsement.

“Connecticut Democrats haven’t endorsed John Gomes,” says State Party Chair Nancy DiNardo. “The state party, as always, supports the candidate who wins a primary and appears on the Democratic line.”

OIB has also reached out to the governor’s people for comment.




  1. Kelvin Ayala, where are you? Nothing more shameful than to see and hear Hispanics– especially Puerto Ricans–drop to such low level. Kelvin Ayala, let this fact sink in: You will never be Director of Economic Development.

    1. Speedy, this is fake news. It is up to you to believe what you want. BTW, I have never taken a penny in any campaign I have assisted with. I either believe in a candidate or not. I have never asked or spoken about any city job either ever with a candidate. That would be stupid and unfair to any candidate. I’m amazed at rumors I hear, but nonetheless, my name percolates because of the respect I have earned.

      1. Wait, what?

        “I have never taken a penny in any campaign I have assisted with. I either believe in a candidate or not. I have never asked or spoken about any city job either ever with a candidate. That would be stupid and unfair to any candidate.”

        A, We have to define belief. I mean you seem to stop “believing in Moore for Gomes.

        B, A candidate who clearly doesn’t share your “values” I mean not only did Gomes speak to a candidate, G2, took money for his campaign and received a 6 figure city job in G2 administration. These are not rumors these are facts. BTW how much taxpayers’ money did Gomes earn while working for G2 and respect from the people of the Port? 🙂

      2. Fake News? YOU POSTED THE “FAKE NEWS.” That is exactly why Lennie posted the commentary–to show the fraud you are. The cover-up is worst than the offense. Go pee on Jorge Cruz’s leg and tell him it’s raining. He’ll quickly reach out for the umbrella.

  2. Lennie, my post was 100% satire. It’s obvious my post is to ruffle feathers of the inaction of our governor to safeguard our local elections process. It is my opinion that they have dropped the ball to lead in this very noteworthy cycle.

  3. It was great to see Governor Lamont welcome John Gomes to the Capital, with a handshake and he wish him good luck in the General.
    Nonetheless, I.”m sure the Governor was more then happy, to sit down with John about the future of Bridgeport.

  4. Kelvin was just demonstrating his sense of humor — especially in the part about Governor Ned Lamont’s “efforts to uphold Democracy in the great city of Bridgeport”… EVERYONE knows that Ned said that it was time to move on and forget about Bridgeport Democracy and any further election activity (February 27) that might upset Nancy Dinardo and her bevy of Bridgeport operatives that might be needed to fix more elections for the Party Elite — a la Dan Malloy (vs Tom Foley) in 2010…

    1. Jeff kohut, I was on the Tom Foley camp. We were simply outperformed. Coble wasn’t noble to Foley. The hit piece about Foley’s Yatch hurt him. We’ve gone from Gilligan’s Island to Treasure Island to Fantasy Island. I hope Reiker’s Island isn’t the next stop.

  5. Joel don’t be to hard on Jeff Kohut. Remember that he has drank the Gomes Kool Aid which appears to be a gateway drug to crack pipe reasoning. Show some compassion we all know that since Jeff Kohut has drank the Gomes Kool Aid he hasn’t been rational. Someone please give Jeff the antidote.


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