Ganim To UI: Provide $100 Gift Cards To Customers For Food Losses From Feeble Storm Response

Fat chance, but public shaming is in order.

From Mayor Joe Ganim:

Mayor Ganim, Emergency Operations and Public Facilities update residents on storm recovery efforts, park closures, tree debris removal, and restoring power to residents in the City of Bridgeport, some of whom went for six days in the dark. Power has finally been successfully restored to all Bridgeport residents but the clean-up continues, as does demand for action.

“First, I want to take a moment to thank the residents for their patience while the City continues to clean up branches, open intersections, and reopen parks. Finally, UI has turned on the power for the last Bridgeport resident; well overdue,” stated Mayor Ganim. “As we move forward, I’m asking UI to look at their poor response to this storm and consider giving each customer who lost groceries in their refrigerator at least a $100 gift card for all the damage and inconvenience inflicted upon our residents. At a time when people are out of work and effects of COVID-19 have caused financial hardships, the least UI can do is replace grocery losses.”

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients who lost power in the storm which caused food spoilage may request replacement benefits by September 3, 2020 by calling the DSS Benefit Center at 1-855-626-6632 or filling out the Request for Replacement of Food Purchased with SNAP Benefits and Collateral Contact forms.

In response to the storm, city officials, council members, small businesses, larger companies, residents, and other volunteers joined in the effort to provide much-needed resources such as 1,200 meals delivered to apartment complexes with seniors, veterans at Homes for the Brave and others. Homeless Outreach Team in coordination with the DPH, EOC, and Office of the Mayor continued water bottle distribution to populations at-risk for dehydration which began at first sign of heat waves this summer.

Department of Public Facilities reports more than 340 reported tree incidents continue to be assessed and cleared. Fallen trees and branches are being removed throughout the city and DPF begins curbside pickup of branches, brush on Monday August 17th. Residents may leave their tree debris on curbside for pick up. Crews will start pick up on the East End and move through the city until all districts are cleared.

Seaside Park, as well as all smaller pocket parks are reopened. Beardsley Park had extensive damage with downed wires and trees–will open Friday, August 14th.

Emergency Operations Center reminds residents to report any uninsured damages to the Bridgeport EOC by calling 203-579-3829 or apply online here. This information will be provided to FEMA to document loss, damage, and any City of Bridgeport need for financial assistance.



    1. Ganim knows the market.
      He knows utilities need to satisfy their consumers and he’s not afraid to get in the middle.
      He’s in hero mode. I hope he wins. He has Bridgeport’s best interests at heart.

  1. Paul, I thought it was a joke about your drinking habits, but after you said this about Mayor Ganim, “He has Bridgeport’s best interests at heart,” I know you’re DRUNK🥴 🥴. Lay down and get some rest my man.

    1. Double-D, you whiskey-slurping derelict — drinking at daybreak is no way to go through life!
      You’re clueless. The only answer you’ll ever find is at the bottom of your next bottle.

  2. Why is Joe so against the UI all of a sudden?, he never got on them like this any other time we had a power outage..Did the powers that be who head the UI not contribute to his campaign or something last year?

    1. The UI will never fight back, that’s why Joe can to beat them up!
      Shouldn’t these tower apartments have stand by generators Mr. Mayor?
      Ganim drops the ball again!!!

  3. What happen to Scott T. Appleby, CEM Director of OEMHS Office of Emergency Management & Homeland Security and why didn’t Mayor Ganim rent some emergency generators?

  4. CT plaintiffs seek $1.5B from Eversource in Isaias restoration lawsuit. Now this is how one expresses their outage at being marginalized by a company doing business in your city. That little $100 repayment is a SLAP in the face of Bridgeport’s residents as if most are to broke to have more than $100 worth of food in their refrigerator and freezer.

    1. Just logged in to say just that. Every family of a school aged student received over $200 supplemental SNAP benefits, regardless of income. So even for those unfortunate enough to only normally be able to afford to keep under $100 of refrigerated goods, May have used those additional benefits to stock up on meats which may become in short supply for to the pandemic.

      Of course those with more income likely had more refrigerated goods on hand as always in the case. Either way $100 reimbursement request is a slap in the face and shows a disconnect.

  5. Ganim was threatening legal action to sue them.
    Then he was threatening criminal action.
    Now he is demanding $100 gift cards.
    Why doesn’t he straighten out his own city parks first before he continues his toothless threats and get to work.

  6. Power delayed is power denied
    And like time, lost power can never be recovered.
    But there’s a remedy:
    If you ask nicely, you can get a credit.

    Don’t be surprised if Ganim gets relief for electricity users.


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