Free: Labor Day Weekend Of Symphony Pops Under The Big Top At The Amp And Fireworks Seaside Park

Mark your calendar for July 23rd. That’s the day you can go to to order your free Greater Bridgeport Symphony tickets to start a weekend celebration commemorating Bridgeport’s birth as a town in 1821.

On September 4th, 7:30 p.m. the Greater Bridgeport Symphony will play a night of pops favorites at the Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater. Acclaimed American orchestra leader Chelsea Tipton II will serve as guest conductor.

Amp developer Howard Saffan and Mayor Joe Ganim announced that Ticket Master will waive fees for the event.

The next evening at 9:30 will feature a fireworks display at Seaside Park.



  1. Let me see if Igot this right, the City of Bridgeport will be celebrating its 200 hundred year birthday and here’s how they are going to celebrated with a Free: Labor Day Weekend Of Symphony Pops Under The Big Top At The Amp And Fireworks Seaside Park. Really, two symphony events, this sounds like something for the suburbs around Bridgeport, nothing in any of the community of the city,why a symphony? Who made that decision, I’m sure that most of the communities in the city didn’t express any interest in a symphony.

  2. They received very few votes for a salsa/mambo event and the Irish Rovers were not available. (Green alligators and longed necked geese, remember?) A rap concert was at the top of the list but our gun laws are not stringent enough and the police overtime budget is under constant scrutiny so that was not going to happen. I guess this was the best that they could come up with. It may attract people from the “suburbs” but you really don’t believe that would happen do you? I mean….they’re thinking, we have to go into Bridgeport for that!?

  3. The Klein Memorial Auditorium has events all the time and most of at these events are attended by those from out of town and there are always police there and the Klein pays for that police coverage. Out of towners have no problem coming to Bridgeport for an event. Your off color comments are not needed. There could be a mass gospel choir concert of local choir from different denominations either separately or as mass choir. What input did the communities have in this celebration?

  4. This Symphony concert will be about who’s there. I’m sure every Council member along with extended families will be there, along with every member of Joe’s admins with their families,State reps(Dennis Bradley will give a “fired up” speech in front of Pepe’s during intermission I hear),look for Blumethal to be running around searching for any camera he can get in front of.Stevie A will be beside himself hoping to score a few pics with Joe & Mario. Yes I’m sure the struggling taxpayers of Bpt are very excited about this concert.


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