For Mayoral Candidates It’s Money, Money, Money Money … Money

It’s buck and bank time for the campaigns of mayoral candidates ahead of Friday’s first quarter fundraising deadline.

Mayor Joe Ganim, John Gomes and Lamond Daniels all feature events this week in Bridgeport.

State Senator Marilyn Moore is also in the race. To say she’s been low key is the understatement of this early cycle. Remember that song by the Chi-Lites “Have You Seen Her? Tell me, have you seen her?”

Anyhoo, some time next week a picture will emerge in the money race that most often defines the direction of these contests. Daniels event Tuesday at Circolo Sportivo, Ganim Tuesday at In The City, Gomes Thursday at Don Raphael Cuisine.

Where’s your money going?


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  1. I have seen Senator Marilyn Moore, and candidates John Gomes and Lamond Daniels at multiple community events recently that are not official fund raisers. Meeting voters and community activists early this year and listening to widespread discontent. The attention seems to be on money raising, rather than pushing the wide range of issues that cause disappointment and potential reckoning from the public, even if taxes stay level after Council deliberations this year.
    As the issues are heard, digested, and reframed by the candidates out to unseat the incumbent in the September primary, will the opposition unify under a message that the Mayor has not, will not, and likely cannot deal with from the voting public.
    So I keep asking, “Does the Mayor care?” And the evidence that keeps coming back to my eyes and ears indicates he cares about himself and backroom concerns and not about improving the education results of the youngest residents, and not about advancing City employment practices to encourage better performance, less waste, and a decrease in City employees filing grievances against the City at the City Clerk office to be heard and perhaps cost extra legal expense to defend and settle ultimately. Where does he list these as priorities, cares, or concerns? Isn’t it too late for Ganim to validate his “second chance” opportunity? Phony remorse does not carry far. And while current employees and $$$ supporters like to party in hardy fashion, where will such sums get spent? Will doors get knocked upon? Will trusted tell the stories and ask for your vote? What stories will surface? Time will tell.


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