Dems Gather Tonight To Endorse Candidates

A collection of great and near-great political insiders–that would the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee–will meet tonight at Testo’s Restaurant to endorse candidates for Board of Education, City Council and city sheriff slots. This is generally known as the sleepy, off-cycle municipal election, no mayor on the ballot, but a number of challenges and competitive races are expected.

As conventions go, it’s hard to beat two years ago when incumbent Mayor Bill Finch and comeback kid Joe Ganim came down to the wire for the party endorsement. Yell, scream, hiss, boos abounded. At times it was difficult to hear the roll call votes for the endorsement amid shouts from the hundreds-strong audience. Finch won the endorsement, Ganim won what really matters, the September primary on his way to a general election victory.

The only thing predictable about city Democratic politics the past several years is its unpredictability.

We’ll be on hand tonight to check out the show.



  1. *** The local democratic town committees get their chance to flex their political muscle and pick their Dem. puppets! God help the Bpt. Taxpayers! But remember voters, in the end it’s in your hands on who you vote for. *** Do your political homework first ! ***


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