Democratic Presidential Conga Line Begins

And now it begins. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren becomes the first high-profile Democrat to form an exploratory committee for president 13 months from the Iowa caucuses. How long until the Pocahontas chants kick in? She’ll have plenty of candidate company in early 2019.



  1. I am not one to discriminate over age and I will give serious consideration BUT she is 69 now and will be 71 when she is inaugurated.
    She is almost as old as Trump and that has got to be a concern for several reasons.

  2. BETO O’ROURKE has grabbed the imagination and the attention
    of the millenials and he has a strong social media presence, which was the road that Barack rode to the White House.

  3. Trump will not be seeking re-election next year. He’ll be forced from office well before then. His attorneys will negotiate a plea with Mueller’s team to keep his family from going to prison. Romney is the most likely GOP candidate. The Democrats are still sorting it out. I’m guessing Joe Biden will be the front runner for the party’s nomination.


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