Cruz To City Council Veterans: Don’t Dis The Rookies

Rendering of amphitheater. Due to COVID-19 outbreak, projected opening is delayed to spring of 2021.

Freshman City Councilman Jorge Cruz has a message for his veteran colleagues: rookies have votes too.

Several council members have pushed back on extra city money for the Harbor Yard Amphitheater because of what the developer Howard Saffan cites as unforeseen structural problems at the former city-owned ballpark that is being refitted into a 7,000-seat concert facility, among them East End councilor Eneida Martinez and two council members representing Black Rock, Scott Burns and Matt McCarthy.

Cruz supports the extra city money for the amphitheater located in his South End-Downtown district.

Cruz says he feels blindsided by lack of communication from his council peers.

“Call me and talk to me if you have issues about something in my district,” he says.

He also issued this message on his Facebook page:

This message is for the CURRENT Bridgeport CT city council veterans. DON’T UNDERESTIMATE A NEW ROOKIE COUNCIL MEMBER KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE. Just because you have been in your seat for some time and has knowledge of what’s taking place from previous meetings, it doesn’t give you any and I mean any reason to try and Walk OVER the Rookie Council members. We’re not naive or stupid, we are listening and Learning to make our district better. I’m sure that you would like us Rookies to support your upcoming DEVELOPMENTS with Tax incentives in your District RIGHT, so take a chill pill and instead of trying to out do us to make us Rookies look stupid, ignorant and uninformed then give us a call and speak to us before you ACT like you know it ALL. NO ONE IS TRYING TO OUTSHINE YOU.

“They have projects in their district that they want approved,” Cruz adds, citing Martinez and Burns. “Talk to us. They need votes from the rookies.”

The projected July opening of the amphitheater has been delayed to spring of 2021 because of issues in the development supply chain caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. Lighting is coming from Italy and roof fabrication from France.



  1. Burns, just another Bobbing Head Doll, he gave Black Rock the largest Tax increase since it’s annexation from Fairfield!
    Mr. Cruz your not the only Rookie on the city council, keep an eye on those Bobbing Head Dolls for us!

    1. Marvin, are the Port separate checks? This is the problem with it. You don’t even care what’s best for the Port, just your side of it. You just insulted Burns for questioning the extra tax money being spent and praised Cruz who is not while complaining about taxes in the same breath. Let that swirl around your head. 🙂 JC, you people are one-sided. 🙂

        1. One sided Marvin, My brother owned a three-family house in the Hollow. When he bought it it was valued around $160,000 give or take, he sold it for close $300,000 at the end of the “fake” real estate boom in 2000. When the stock market crashed in 2008 it when down to its normal price level, but because the revalue was kicked down the road a lot of homeowners were paying more than their fair share in taxes. Instead of complaining about your high tax bill or asking me to pay your fair share of taxes and. Sell it and buy a home in the Hollow were their tax bill when down. Or shut the Fluck up, MARVIN. 🙂

  2. Jorge, this is bad for Bridgeport and the residents of Bridgeport and shouldn’t be supported just because it’s in your district. This is a sweetheart deal for Howard Saffan who had shown over the years to be a proficient donor to Mayor Ganim and this wouldn’t be an issue had he not had this affiliation. Put your Big Boy pants on and try to do what’s in the best of Bridgeport and ALL of its residents. It defies credulity how you tried to make this ludicrous request for additional funds a battle of new versus old CC members! C’mon man, PLEASE!

  3. Is this another one of tho pay to play deals that Bridgeport is know for, plus free tickets to those who for this deal with a few jobs for relative and friends?

  4. Jorge Cruz, what other rookie City Council members are you talking about because your are making it look like that you are the spokesperson for these rookies and I’m sure that you are not speaking for Maria ?”

    1. What’s he talking about?
      Maria Pereira isn’t a rookie. She’s a CC member who’s looking like a communications pro! For a second time she’s appeared in the Connecticut Post. They must like her attitude, stance, posture and position. Wouldn’t it be great if Hearst Media offered her a weekly column to update readers on her latest musings in Connecticut’s largest city? Read her latest editorial here:
      Maria’s not reading a manual, she’s writing The Book!

      1. LE, Maria is definitely a first term City Council member, “ROOKIE.” Why are you scare to tell those on OIB what has Maria done to make positive change in Bridgeport? LE, who the hell is reading the Connecticut Post, nobody wants to spend money to read the Post that doesn’t do any investigated reporting especially in Bridgeport.

          1. LE, I it must be 5 o’clock because your mind has gone back to the Salem witch trials were a series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts 1692.

          1. LE, I never said that Maria was a NOVICE. What power has Maria done with her language to make change in Bridgeport?

          2. Ya gotta know your territory.
            Maybe the reason Ron Mackey knows so much about witchcraft is because he’s such an expert on evil .

      2. Now there’s a great idea. Maria, or ANYONE else in the loop on the council or other positions reporting to the PUBLIC the going’s on in city governance. How the money is either wasted or spent to scratch the backs of whoever. To good to be true!!!
        It would be like a camera at Mario’s showing the bartender giving the free drinks to Pizarro or the police commissioner. You know who I’m talking about Lennie!! Just like the Sunday morning espresso meetings that the feds have videos of!!

  5. Council Member Jorge Cruz states on his facebook page: “DON’T UNDERESTIMATE A NEW ROOKIE COUNCIL MEMBER KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE”.

    Perhaps Council Member Cruz could share the source of his knowledge and experience.
    Does his education and work experience lend credence to his involvement in the decision to have Bridgeport taxpayers further obligated?

    Perhaps, as done by most municipalities, information such as work experience and education of all elected officials could be included on the City of Bridgeport web site.

    Mr. Cruz seems to suggest on his social media posting that he should be involved in any discussion of additional commitment by taxpayers. Why? Because the project is in the physical boundaries of his district?

    Perhaps Mr. Cruz should participate in the formal city council review of the proposal by bringing his knowledge and experience to the table.

    The question remains though; what knowledge and experience does Mr. Cruz have.

  6. Jorge, newbie is an innocuous reference to a first-time elected official. We were all newbies when first elected. As an example of what a newbie can accomplish, I went from a newbie to Council President for 14 years by my second term. I listened, learned, and sought out those who had previous experience. I saw how hard you worked when we met in 2015. If more representatives put their districts first we would have a balance of services throughout the City. However, if I may make a suggestion to you, when advocating for your district, it’s up to you to engage with your colleages to attempt to convince them to support you, and why. In the case of the $4.5 price tag, maybe you should look at the impact this price tag will have on the taxpayers throughout the City. I would think that the Councilmembers who object to this are doing their jobs by protecting the voters who placed trust in them.

  7. Jorge, I want you to know I understand and appreciate how important your commitment is to the residents of the 131st district. But, I implore you to take another look at this developer, and what they are asking the Council to approve. I have information (factual) that can lead to another FBI investigation if you members don’t read and reread this. Howard Saffin reneged on his obligation to use minority contractors. The only Hispanic contractor is Architectural Roof that he claims is Hispanic and operates out of Florida. Do you believe he couldn’t find someone local or at least in the State? That’s just a minor breach, there’s a possibility of a major conflict if interest in another area of this proposal. This contract should be postponed so all of you can be given what has been withheld from you. I’m reaching out to Lennie and Brian Lockhart to give them what I have. I’d hate to see you hoodwinked. When the lies are resolved, you can take another look at the contract and vote to approve. But, you need some time to take a look at what you can’t see. I’ve been through this before, they’re good at this. Fortunately, I served with excellant Council partners and colleages.

  8. Pay attention to Lisa. She put me on the WPCA Privatization Committee way back when. She said watch everyone like a hawk.
    Little did I know when I spoke against the mayor at the council I was literally trying to take his hands off the WPCA’s wallet.

  9. *** For rookie & veteran C/C members and any other local politicians that feel miss understood or un-sure about their assumed work in there community. “Stupid is as Stupid does”, no? Remember those famous F/G words & you’ll be just fine! ***

  10. *** My mentor’s on the city council when I was new & representing the 131st. district, was Lisa Parziale who sat next to me & past C/C member Mary Bruce. Two top city political activist that where known & respected in their districts & the city of Bpt. They schooled me on the important difference’s in politics between, “I or Me” as oppose to “Us & We”. *** “A house divided against itself cannot stand” ***

  11. Mojo, DITTO, I had the same two mentors, Mary bought me on board first and Lisa was there also to helped school me and watch my back, a little later it was Chris Caruso.


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