City Investing In Arena Upgrades In Truce With Management, Sound Tigers

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

In the final weeks of 2018, the City Council amended Bridgeport’s capital budget–which mainly funds large, costly infrastructure projects like road paving and school construction–to include a $15 million investment in Bridgeport’s aging entertainment and sports arena.

Two-thirds of that could be borrowed this year, with the remaining $5 million set aside for 2020.

That council vote is a portent of a possible 2019 truce in the contentious relationship between Mayor Joe Ganim’s administration and the arena tenant Sound Tigers hockey team, which operates the facility with Harbor Yard Sports and Entertainment LLC.

“It’s a good sign,” said council President Aidee Nieves. “They’re on the path to getting it resolved.”

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  1. What happened to the Gambling Indians who have/had a contract with with Harboryard(or whatever the all year round enclosed facility is now named). I am confused with all these entertainment venues.

  2. “It’s a good sign,” said council President Aidee Nieves. “They’re on the path to getting it resolved.”

    Sure: $15 million buys a lot of “resolution” — except in regard to the need to lower taxes for Bridgeport residents… How much money has been poured into Harbor Yard, versus the number of jobs and revenue generation garnered form that investment? Downtown is still imploding, the needed, Bridgeport casino cash-cow has been slaughtered in Greenwich-Hartford, and Bridgeport is still hemorrhaging small businesses… (Even bars can’t make money in 2019 Bridgeport!…)

  3. The arena is undeused as it is especially in the summer. Will spending money on it change any of that? Based on the arena web site, April 10th is the last event until September 19th.

  4. Well well well, guess Little Joe realized the Trump negotiating tactics don’t work after all. At least he didn’t throw a tantrum and shut down the municipal government.


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