City Councilwoman Eneida Martinez Charged With Reckless Endangerment, Illegal Sale Of Alcohol

Photo of Eneida Martinez courtesy of Steve Krauchick Doing It Local.

City Councilwoman Eneida Martinez was arrested on Wednesday with 10 counts of illegal sale of alcohol and reckless endangerment in connection with a local police investigation into the shooting death of 21-year-old Nyair Charles Nixon at the Keystone Club, the Barnum Avenue social gathering that Martinez manages.

Family members of Nixon charge that he was shot inside the club then shoved out the door into the street where he was hit by a car. Martinez was there the night of the shooting.

The arrest was confirmed by multiple sources including City Council President Aidee Nieves who issued this statement:

It is disappointing news that Councilwoman Eneida Martinez has turned herself in as part of an investigation regarding the incident that recently took place at Keystone social club. The residents of Bridgeport should know that the Council has recently taken action to remove Councilwoman Martinez from her leadership and committee assignments on the Council, and that the Bridgeport Police Department is working diligently to investigate this matter. While the allegations against her are disturbing given her status as an elected official, Councilwoman Eneida Martinez is entitled to due process in court. We await the disposition of her case to determine what course of action the Bridgeport City Council may take.

Martinez has often framed herself as a champion of blight, an earnest fighter on behalf of constituents longing for renewal in the East End.

She has enlisted help of the city police, health department and public works to close down illegal bodegas, saturate police in high crime areas and bulldoze troubled buildings for clean development.

Practice what you preach? Too soon to tell, but this is certainly a troubling narrative for a public official living an accused dark side of life while preaching transparency.

Her arrest also raises questions about elected officials running establishments that clash with city ordinances and state laws.

It can become complicated.

Nixon’s family brought a lot of heat on Martinez, crashing a City Council news conference and organizing one of its own to condemn her involvement in the death of Nyair. They called upon state and federal authorities to investigate the killing, skeptical that a local probe, given the councilwoman’s police contacts, would be pure.

This placed a premium on local police to do something quickly and they did, albeit misdemeanor charges.

Still, Martinez critics assert, a lot of funny business has been going on at the club. It took a shooting to do something about it?



  1. Mayor, convicted felon; councilor (male), convicted felon; councilor (female), leaving scene of an mva; councilor (female), longtime involvement with an establishment associated with nefarious activities; Police chief admitted his guilt in illegally gaining employment; HR director admitted his guilt in aiding criminal activities…who benefits from these actions (someone or some people are benefiting)? It starts at the top…why is Ganim the mayor? What is the function of the city council and why is that body less than competent? Why are these people being elected? The utter malfeasance and ineffectiveness of this local government is appalling and shameful.

  2. What did Council Woman Herron means when she said it took a lot of courage to say what Eneida said? She was charged with 10 counts today. And this is not the end of the story. And this was not an all of a sudden thing.

  3. And what did Ernie mean that Council Members are supposed to protect of Council Members in times like this.
    I don’t remember that being in anything I ever saw. If you want to maintain the integrity of the council as a whole all 19 should be calling for her to resign.
    The integrity of the council is far more important than one member who has been charged with 10 misdemeanors and with probably more coming.
    She was running a strip club and illegally selling liquor as Chairman of the Public Safety Committee for God’s sake. She should resign now and not wait a moment longer.

    1. Ernie my friend, I know you mean well, however, I hope you include Maria Pereira as a council member who should be supported as she provides the rest of the Council with invaluable information.

  4. And one is innocent until proven guilty is the criminal code not the moral code. Each and every council member should adhere to both the criminal code AND the moral code. It is not an either or choice.

  5. Who owns or who’s backing The Keystone? I came across this article that Lennie had in OIB concerning adult entertainment business, better known as strip clubs and how several political operatives have been involved.

    Curcio: ‘I Hosted A Finch Fundraiser’
    August 9, 2011 LennieGrimaldi

    ….in the mid-1990s Curcio ventured into the adult entertainment business that has become a city zoning issue in several neighborhoods. Where and what is an appropriate location for strip clubs?

    Adult entertainment interests such as Curcio can become convenient targets of pols looking to score points with voters. Curcio took my phone call and I first asked him about any connection to financing the Anyone But Finch billboard. He flatly denied any connection. But then he offered something unexpected when I asked him about his relationship with Finch, whether he had any issues with the mayor. Curcio explained that, in fact, he and Moutinho co-hosted the event at Cafe Roma four years ago, raising tens of thousands of dollars, and several political operatives have confirmed the same.

    1. Why does Bpt. have zoning accomodations for adult entertainment establishments? You cannot find these establishments in Fairfield, Trumbull, New Cannan, Easton, Greenwich, etc….

      1. Largely due to the lack of community engagement. The community at large is not informed on the local politics that govern their city. Outsiders have always been able to come into Bridgeport, purchase up the properties, pay people off and suck the blood and life of the locals. Follow the money.

    1. Read the charging document…$500 bond for the reckless endangerment offense; $0 for the 10 alcohol offenses. Who is the charging authority, the city attorney? How is the law written and/or interpreted? Did the consumption of alcohol within a toxic masculine environment contribute to the actions of that evening?

    1. Bridgeport politics, and consequently the politicians, are not about trust. Trust regarding politics (and politicians) is an ideal rather than a reality. While there may be an expectation of trust, the politics and politicians of this city have demonstrated that trust is not the motivating factor. Analogous to current national political happenings, the local system has been hijacked by people that are self-serving and beholden to party. The local electorate appears to blindly (or knowingly) and continually elect these people. The concept of low-hanging fruit allows the conversation to become hyper-focused on the mayor and the council (no necessarily incorrect); however, critical thinking allows a more granular focus, specifically on why people vote (or not) for these people and who are these voters? Also, who are the people seeking elected office and why do they act (or not) in the manner which is demonstrated in politics?

  6. And what about the rest of the council?
    McCarthy and Burns in the Black Rock?
    Do your constituents agree with you?
    What about Paniccia and Lyons in the North End?
    Are they playing follow the leader and agreeing with Ernie and saying now is the time to have each other’s back and look out for the council and not the good of the city?
    And what about Defillipo and Herron?
    Well Herron maybe already got her promotion as she can remain quiet but what about Mikey? Is he aiding with Eneida and Mario and the liquor store or is he truly a reformer. This will say a lot.

    1. So Bob- what have I been “mysteriously” saying for all these years about many an issue? Reformer?!! Ha!
      Watch and see the maneuvering and when it happens remember the things that I’ve mentioned.

    2. Everyone, apparently are in agreement with these actions. Either you agree or you do not agree. There is no in between. This is blatant Sex Trafficking, underage serving of alcoholic beverages, illegal use of space and by the way, when was the last time this place was inspected?
      I mean, people could of burned to death in there if its not properly fire protected
      Also, a great loss of property damage is at stake for all of you land and property owners in that area! Inquiring minds would like to know?

      1. Truman Small Jr., thanks for the clarification. Your father was someone I’ve known from Stratford Ave. back in the day to Mt. Aery Baptist Church, his wisdom and knowledge he would share with me and it was always good just talking with your father.

  7. Back to our main story —
    Transparency and Keystone Club:
    Where I come from transparency means NEKKID.
    Until recently, the Keystone Club’s basement
    was the best place to find transparency in Bridgeport.

      1. Transparency has been associated within the City of Bridgeport through the lense of Sex Trafficking AKA prostitution AKA exploitation AKA Rape AKA Sexual Assault. All of these are overlooked by officials largely due to the money exchange and their secret enjoyment of the Black Woman!!!!

  8. Out-of-town transparency — even Taco Bell thinks Bridgeport is an overpriced and easy-to-understand city. That’s why their dollar menu costs $1.29 in Bridgeport.

  9. Congratulations Truman. You are now officially a member of the OIB Community.
    You have been insulted by Local Eyes who doesn’t live in Bport for no apparent reason.
    Feel free to ask him where is 5:00 PM.

    1. Bob,

      Thank you for the welcoming. I was not insulted by that person’s comments. The comments speak volumes about them…pain, frustration, and a lack of self can manifest in such ways.

  10. Truman Small Jr, LE is Paul and rumor has it that he’s never passed a Bar 🍸 that he didn’t like. Hell it’s said that he’s never passed a Bar or liquor store. Welcome aboard.

  11. Ernie Newton. Paging Ernie Newton.
    Haven’t heard much from Ernie since ‘Now is the time for all good council members to watch each other’s backs’.
    What say you Ernie.

    1. It’s rude and politically un-cool for a former city councilman to demand action from a current city councilman.
      What’s it like to be a political lightweight in Bridgeport.?
      Ask Bob Walsh, he’s an expert on that subject.

      1. Local Eyes has distorted vision. Asking someone has their option changed since they issue a statement when more facts are know is not “demanding action”.
        But in Localized Eyes opinion don’t confuse an argument with the facts.

  12. My opinion has not changed since I was on the council. Corruption and behavior like this has no place on the City Council. Just like when I was on and G1 was going down.
    I refused to sit by, silently and let all of this go on. You can’t stand a man who stands for what he believes? Then sit down and be quiet.

    1. As recently as last week corruption and bad behavior had a place on Bridgeport’s City Council — only in aftermath was it partially removed. The stain remains.
      Bob Walsh is rewriting city council history to improve his image but his shirt tail is so dirty he might never get it clean.

  13. *** It is, what it was, a speak easy, after hours, anything goes within reason at times, hole in the wall club. Where you can say that the potential for something bad happening, sooner than later was a craps-shoot. ***

    1. Mojo, nothing has change or will change, there is a whole underground economy run by different ethnic groups all over the city, drugs, prostitution, gambling with big time card games, illegall daily numbers playing, cock fight.

      I post this earlier above and the same main player is still around and the political leaders are still turning their back.

      Curcio: ‘I Hosted A Finch Fundraiser’
      August 9, 2011 LennieGrimaldi

      ….in the mid-1990s Curcio ventured into the adult entertainment business that has become a city zoning issue in several neighborhoods. Where and what is an appropriate location for strip clubs?

      Adult entertainment interests such as Curcio can become convenient targets of pols looking to score points with voters. Curcio took my phone call and I first asked him about any connection to financing the Anyone But Finch billboard. He flatly denied any connection. But then he offered something unexpected when I asked him about his relationship with Finch, whether he had any issues with the mayor. Curcio explained that, in fact, he and Moutinho co-hosted the event at Cafe Roma four years ago, raising tens of thousands of dollars, and several political operatives have confirmed the same.

      1. I don’t know if you saw this or if Lennie will post it, but it seems like this like it going to get messy with the state attorney investigating this.

        I do have a question for Ernie, the Moses of his people. Why didn’t you get called to assist instead of a councilwoman, who you and others tried to censor? Here’s another lawsuit. Let’s not forget the FIB is up in this place, now the state.

        P.S I have to agree with Jo not always agreeing with Maria’s tactics is situations. Sometimes she can and does come off like a bully. Where someone lives is not an issue, petty. ( Do some research to understand that point people)

  14. I would put the request in writing to the Fire Marshall, the Fire Marshall has more illegal power than the fire chief with building codes by State law, he has the right and power to close anything in the City including the two hospital in Bridgeport. There must be a paper trail, base on the video it seems like there was only a oral request, I would ask for a written reason why the father could not have the report because that is one of the games that Hamilton Burger and the City Attorney Office does to slow things down but “DoingItLocal” does help with making the public aware of Fire Chief Thode’s action.

  15. I will defer to Ron Mackey as to where to make the request but I would definitely keep up the public pressure on this.
    Definitely Maria’s the one to go to as long as she doesn’t make it personal.
    This is a damned shame that the City Attorney’s Office is making Mr Nixon’s life far more painful at a time like this.

    1. Bob, Maria’s request is a normal every day request even if the police are doing an investigation. Maria needs to make this about business and like Bob said, ” as long as she doesn’t make it personal.” The Fire Marshall and the Fire Chief do not want their name out there in the media so that voters get to see that there’s seems like a coverup of a young black man beiing shot and killed inside the Keystone and the Fire Marshall and the Fire Chief want to hide public records from Nyair Charles Nixon’s father.

    2. Any member of the public can bypass the Fire Department and go directly to the Fire Marshal that arrived on scene at that property location. Go to the office of the Fire Marshal, request for the responding Inspector/Investigator and demand a response. Contact NEWS 12 if you don’t get an answer. This is a matter of Public Safety and Security!

  16. The FOIA was supposed to be an easy way for a citizen to get information from the government. The city of Bridgeport has turned it into a nightmare at times just to get a simple report.
    And even when the FOI Commission states the city is wrong there is no consciousness for any to pay.
    Add this to the thousands of reforms that need to be addressed.

    1. Bob, that’s so true, I would still leave a paper trail to make my case before doing an FIOIA, delay, delay, delay, that’s the name of the game for Hamilton Burger.

  17. Ron is correct it’s the Fire Marshal that issues permits and inspects clubs and bars and supposedly doesn’t answer to the Fire Chief with the duties of his job.

    Ernie isn’t the only CC member so why does his name constantly come up when there are 19 other Council members that you can question on what or why something was or wasn’t done. Finally, Maria lacks the capacity Not to make things personal because as soon as she disagrees with something someone has said or did, it’s personal from that day forward. Like I’ve said a 1000 times, she’s like your favorite meal served on a garbage can top, looks good, but not very appetizing!

  18. Don
    The only reason I picked on Ernie was because he spoke out so quickly in defending Eneida and this is in his district.
    I also question where were the Council Persons from the Black Rock and the North End on the issue so it wasn’t Ernie alone.
    Oh and the 132nd district? I wouldn’t expect them at all until Joe tells them what to say.

    1. Keep calling out every council member that does not call for the resignation of councilwoman Martinez! If they’re not calling her out then they too are in bed!

    1. Comrade, a better question is, why are you defending Ernie and condemning Maria? Racist or Misogyny? 🙂

      I referred to Ernie because he represents the same district as Eneida, and he refers her to his partner. I also referred other councilmembers (mostly all of them).

      When they passed a resolution to censor her and tried to have her removed from the council her for unbecoming behavior. Seems unjust for not calling for Enieda’s removal for (allegedly) unbecoming behavior.

      I also said, Maria’s socialism philosophy is borderline dictatorship, ” her way or the high way” Eneida has to deal with the scrutiny, as a public official. I don’t expect Ernie and many others to press it. Cruz stated, “council members are supposed to support each other.” I also don’t expect them to support something that goes against public opinion, and their own political self-interest.

      I have no problem with Keystone, back in the day, along with many other strip clubs in the Port. Let’s just say, “I had a knot of $1’s and some girl was going to get them. 🙂 Even had quite a few may lap dances in my day. Surplus’ was place of choice. Just wish someone told me there was prostitution going on in places like these as well as those lap dances, could’ve saved a lot of money, instead of going to those Asian Spas. Let’s just say, I had some nuts (Karma) and gril was going to get them. 🙂

        1. It has been going on since the dawn of time. It’s the internal addition, and men are cheap. Not saying it should be open (legal) more decriminalized in a since. Willingly, understanding what mental aspect that comes with is one thing, exploitation, abuse, and forced into it is an entirely different beast.

          Like all drugs and addictions, the high is unstainable without an increase. Things can and do get ugly and seeded. Not saying that the BPT cop, that got arrested the other week, touched that little girl, but kids just don’t make shit like that up. Either he did it, or it was fed to her, that’s for sure. But rest for sure, it happens, and the mental wounds don’t heal too easily. Funny, growing up, religious leaders, media painted Ozzy as evil, until you listen to the words, it’s gospel music. 🙂 JS


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