Barr Threatens City Council Members, Cops Called, Martinez: He’s Mentally Unstable

Tony Barr
Tony Barr. CT Post photo Dan Tepfer

Tony Barr, a 2015 mayoral candidate, has been barred from the mayor’s office. City Hall could be next. As the City Council’s Ordinance Committee meeting closed Tuesday night the man who pleaded guilty to two counts of breach of peace on charges he threatened to blow the mayor’s head off had a face-to-face confrontation with East End councilor Eneida Martinez who came to the defense of Black Rock peer Scott Burns following Barr’s threatening rant about conditions at P.T. Barnum Apartments. Police were called. Barr bolted before the cops arrived.

Eneida Martinez
Eneida Martinez

Martinez says Barr unleashed an f-bomb tirade at the restrained Burns as the meeting adjourned and moved in close to him. “He lashed out at Scott,” says Martinez, no shrinking violet. “I was on my tippy toes to his face in defense of Scott.”

Wednesday morning city councilors shared a number of email exchanges about the occurrence. They’re requesting police presence at future committee meetings and want Barr barred from meetings. A sample of Martinez emails to her peers:

Yesterday evening just as we adjourned the ordinance committee meeting Tony Barr appeared at City Hall. Tony was verbal aggressive towards Scott Burns, with verbal threats. This writer interjected and heated words were exchanged within this writer and Tony Barr regarding his behavior towards any council member during any city business. Tony was asked to leave city hall by this writer, but he refused and 911 had to be called. This email is being sent to you all for precaution, and to always make sure we have policing present at city hall. There was no policing there last night. Tony Barr exit city hall before the officers arrived…

I am in agreement with all email responses. Tony Barr has a reputation of disrespect, lashing, defensive, approaching, control, arrogant, and mental instability. A 20 year federal prison bid for (attempted) murder he is an alcoholic, etc. Although he will say my right is amendment right # 1, we will respect that, but he doesn’t have the right to threaten, cause a public disturbance, and or interrupt a peaceful environment. If we the elected officials continue to allow, or accept this behavior, we are our own problem, and not putting an end to this individual. Example: Cecil Young did it until it got really ugly. I personally am not threaten by Tony Barr, because I am always going to stand up, but with that being said, I can’t block a bullet, a knife, or any deadly weapon. We really need to act on this as a TEAM. I am going to pursue because enough is enough.

Burns email to council members:

My thanks to Eneida Martinez for standing with and for all council members at last night’s meeting, which took a turn for the worse at its adjournment. Good to know we have each other’s back in these times of turmoil. Thank you, Eneida, as well as council members Jeanette Herron, Katie Bukovsky, Rich Salter,  Michelle Lyons, and Evette Brantley were also present at the meeting.

Thanks also to Tom, AmyMarie, Anthony and all who have weighed in on this matter. Unfortunately, we are at a time where a police presence may well be needed at public sessions such as these, even if it’s because of the actions of a few. Perhaps AmyMarie’s suggestions can be incorporated into the renovation plans at Chambers since we are in the midst of that project.

Thanks again, and be safe!

Last year Barr was arrested after declaring “I’m going to blow the mayor’s head off.” He received a six-month suspended sentence and was ordered to stay away from the mayor’s office. He had served 20 years for drug activity and firing a machine gun at an undercover cop.



  1. Burns has done nothing for Black Rock. Mr. Barr is right P. T is falling apart. The only thing Burns has accomplished was to stick the good people of BR with a tax increase
    Burns has no idear where P. T. Is located, he just moved into B R 18 months ago, an shops in Fairfield. He’s just another do nothing .Roachette, waiting for his next order.

    We all can’t live on Eames St. like you Mr. Burns

    1. Barr is correct about PT. It’s a sewer. Dropping obscenities is not the way to go about drawing attention to the plight of public housing residents.

  2. Jimfox, I agree with your point. What about Barr’s threatening rant about Tony Barr’s question and concern about the conditions at P.T. Barnum Apartments? Barr was verbal aggressive towards Scott Burns, please, give me a break.

  3. Tony Barr’s characterization as the angry Black man without addressing his frustration with the living condition of P.T.Barnum is disingenuous at best and outrageous at its worst. He is frustrated and angry that the representation of P.T is non-existent, that treats them like they don’t exist.

    Eneida Martinez by her own admission didn’t find Mr.Barr threatening so what was her motivation to not only get involved, but in the middle of a constituent expressing his frustration with his community leader. Mrs.Martinez your time and energies might be better spent explaining to Scott Burns the need to represent all the people of his district and not just the rich ones. Mrs.Martinez you should explain to Scott that there are a lot of hard-working, honest people that live in P.T. and they deserve not to be marginalized by their political representative. I guess what I’m saying is talk to ya boy Scott and let him know his district doesn’t stop at Ellsworth St.

  4. I would like to know more details on what this verbally abusive and threatening talk by Barr was specifically. Martinez said she did not feel threatened ? Also did Burns answer Barr’s concerns about the problems at PT Houses?

  5. *** These type of people & threats should never be treated lightly, nor put on the just letting off steam shelve. Politics should never be taken so seriously where talk of possible physical actions are considered in any way shape or form. That’s just not rational in a civil democratic society where citizens have political chooses on whom they wish to support or vote for! *** Seek Help When Needed & if you see or hear something that’s not within normal reason, report it to the proper authorities, please! ***

    1. Mojo, Eneida Martinez by her own admission didn’t find Mr.Barr threatening but let’s look at this, we have a woman coming to the defense of a man who is unable to defend his self. Mojo, this is about culture, you have a white man who probably has had much interfacing with a black man.

  6. What’s the purpose of him going to an ordinance committee meeting to talk about public housing? Tell him to call Cowlis Andrews the Housing Authority Commissioner Chairmen.

    Besides everyone in Bridgeport knows that Black Rock residents always conveniently try to forget they have a housing project in their district.

  7. *** Well there you go, going to an ordinance committee meeting to argue about public housing? Is this Barr any relations to the Barr family from Old P.T ; Ralph, Ernest, etc… and does he have family or live himself in P.T to be arguing or threading folk over public housing? Or is this just hot air with smoke & mirrors trying to get any attention for future possible political interest in Bpt.? Or maybe some type of mental disorder as was mentioned in a earlier blog? Whatever it is, it’s been done before and in the end, goes no-where. ***


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