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 Friday October 19, 2018

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About the webzine:
Welcome to the “Only In Bridgeport” web magazine, the leading discussion source for how things work in Connecticut’s largest city from city hall to the neighborhoods, with a cast of thousands reading and voicing opinions. This is where decision makers, opinion leaders and the politically active go for insight and information they just can’t receive anywhere else complemented by witty and insightful postings by readers in the Bridgeport region and beyond.

The “Only In Bridgeport” webzine is not exclusively about the city. It’s also about the people and issues that impact our state’s largest city. Take a look under the hood. I look forward to hearing from you.

To post, you’ll need to log in to your handle. In consideration of give-and-take from posters with input from readers (and to keep out the overseas spammers), we’ve incorporated a registration system to prevent random people from stomping on a poster’s handle. When you register your handle by clicking on the “REGISTER” link, you must provide a working email address to receive the initial password assigned to you. You may change this password at any time by clicking on the “SITE ADMIN” link (then click on “Profile”) that appears after you’ve logged in (or you can click on your handle above the comments box). (Please note, handles and passwords are case sensitive.) The “REGISTER” and “SITE ADMIN” links both appear in the top right corner of the site.

Although you are required to provide a valid e-mail address when you register your name, your address will be kept private unless otherwise obligated by law. In addition, the site will not protect you if you make libelous assertions, outrageous allegations or accuse someone of criminal conduct without credible proof. If you think you have proof of illegal conduct go to the authorities. You can criticize, you can express a passionate opinion, but do not attempt to soil a reputation through lies and hate. OIB has the right to edit, reject or ban comments and posters from the site. OIB will approve your very first entry. After that your posts will appear immediately.

On August 23, 2013, we implemented a new policy regarding registration. We will no longer ordinarily allow the registration of an anonymous handle, but we will make an exception if we think you have a good reason. If you want an exception made (for example, you might be a city employee), call or e-mail Lennie and make your case, but in no event will we approve any handle request without knowing who you are. We will not reveal your identity except as provided in our site use policy.

Your use of OIB is subject to the OIB Site Use Policy.

About Lennie Grimaldi:
The phrase “Only In Bridgeport” has been connected to me for more than 20 years. Or should I say me connected to the phrase?

My career in journalism dates back more than 30 years to when I was a teenager working for the Telegram (a predecessor paper of the Connecticut Post) where I was exposed to all things Bridgeport—the strange, unique and unforgettable—as a general assignment and backup police and fire reporter.

I became fascinated by the city’s ethnicity, neighborhood life and political curiosity as a series of twists and turns led to a recurring mantra. When the city built a fire house on private property someone said “only in Bridgeport,” when the mayor wore a bulletproof vest during his reelection another proclaimed “only in Bridgeport,” when the legendary Superintendent of Police Joseph Walsh turned the tables on an FBI informant who tried to coax him into a bribe, still another shouted “only in Bridgeport!”

The first of my five published books was named Only In Bridgeport, An Illustrated History of the Park City. The other books also included a piece of the city in some fashion such as Chased: Alone, Black and Undercover, the life of mob infiltrator Billy Chase. Articles I’ve authored about Bridgeport have appeared in The New York Times, Yankee Magazine and Connecticut Magazine.

I also run a public relations company called Momentum Communications. To read more about me and Momentum Communications, follow these links:

My Books




I have a wife named Mo, and (deceased) cat named Stinky (who was sort of like Pig Pen in the Peanuts strip).

I’m excited about sharing commentary and breaking news on this webzine. Together we have a few more chapters to write.